I have the dream job, or should I say jobs. I get to travel, eat and drink on repeat, which don’t get me wrong is amazing, but the toll it takes on your body, especially as I’m hitting 40 this year is pretty brutal – especially for someone like me who has very little restraint when it comes to food and drink, and very little time or desire to work out (though I do cycle everywhere and tend to go to the gym once a week).

Good news then for time starved professionals, the new digital wellness platform A Body Forever offers workout classes you can do anywhere, at a time that pleases you, so there’s really no excuses. Targeted towards modern women, the platform works by providing members with a 90-day programme that features classes with a host of amazing fitness instructors, and online mentoring and coaching from founder Amy Brogan, a PT with experience at some of London’s best gyms just in in case you fall off the wagon – when it comes to both exercises and implementing good habits into your routine.

My personal programme kicked off with three classes a week and the website lets you move these classes around if something crops up, like a stinking hangover (guilty!) or last-minute curveball at work, as long as you do all three in one week. You do the same classes for six weeks, which is actually better than switching them up as practice really does make perfect (or something close to it at least!). The following six weeks I changed it up for a different routine, which included a class that was pretty hard to follow but once I told Amy, this was swapped out for something a little easier.

My plan also involved cutting down on booze – yes drinking five nights a week really isn’t good for you – intermittent fasting when possible and cutting out junk food. I’m not going to say I’m perfect and nailed all of these things for the 12 weeks I did the programme – if you follow me on IG you’ll know my crisp addiction is laid bare – but what I will say is it definitely helped me be better. It made me think more when it came to food and drink, especially as I had to report back on my weekly check-ins, it and forced me to exercise, even meditate too. It also meant when I was travelling I was more conscious of my diet and need to exercise.

At a time when burnout is all too real, looking after yourself has never been more important so if you feel like you’re spiralling this is perfect for taking some time out and having a little reset of your routine.

If you want to join A Body Forever, just schedule a discovery call with founder Amy Brogan, to determine if the program is the right fit for you.