A Bar With Shapes For A Name Is Opening a Second, More Affordable Cocktail Bar

The Haggerston bar is opening up its production space to the public

A Bar With Shapes For A Name, aka Shapes, aka yellow triangle red square blue circle, is a regular on the Top 50 Cocktail Bars in the UK list and is beloved by its regulars for its Bauhaus-inspired design, lack of branded bottles (spirits are chosen through blind tastings) and punchy batched cocktails. And soon there’ll be even more Shapes to go around as founders Remy Savage and Paul Lougrat are opening a second London bar.

Warehaus, also on Kingsland Road but further up into Dalston, is currently the production space for Shapes, where all the cocktails and ice served at the bar are created. Come the end of April, it’ll be opening up to the public as a bar when the bell rings at 5pm (the end of the production workday) serving a rotating menu of cocktails that make use of production by-products and will all be £10 or under.

As it’s still very much functioning as a production facility, the areas inside Warehaus are set according to their function – either storage, preparation or production – so it’ll have a different look and vibe to Shapes, as well as different drinks. There’ll be six elementary cocktails that showcase extraction and distillation, alongside three more playful serves, low ABV beers on tap and wine in bags. It’s gonna be a little more casual and experimental than it’s big sis, but just as cool.

Opens April 2024
538 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AH