If you thought the ‘floating’ sky pool above Darby’s at Embassy Gardens was cool (or mad, or both) then get a load of this. Compass Pools has designed a world-first 360-degree infinity pool to sit on a rooftop 200m above the city. Planning permission still has to be granted but if it goes ahead, the 600,000-litre Infinity London will be 55 storeys up with uninterrupted views of the capital.

Not only will the floor of the pool be completely transparent, so swimmers can look down and all the people staying on dry land can look up into it, the sides will be too, and there won’t be any stairs wrapping around the edges either because that would spoil the view, obviously. Instead a rotating spiral staircase will rise from the floor of the pool when someone wants to get in or out. And to make the whole operation even more hi-tech, the pool will be heated using waste energy from the building’s air-con and it’ll have a built-in anemometer to measure the wind speed to make sure the water stays inside rather than getting blown over the edge and onto the street. So who fancies a dip?

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