Being able to snooze the alarm two extra times, not having to rush for the tube, only needing to dress from the waist up (if that), not having to grab a meal deal for lunch and scoff it on the way back to the office….the shift to WFH has completely changed the way we approach the working day. Theoretically it’s given us more time but it also means we’re in charge of making food for the whole day. That doesn’t sound like a particularly difficult task but cooking something from scratch for lunch becomes one more thing to squeeze in between Zoom calls, and after months of home cooking it’s hard to find the inspo or the energy.

Pasta Evangelists is here to make lunchtimes way easier and way more exciting with their range of fresh pasta dishes made from the best ingredients from the Med. Their menu features dishes like radiatori with fresh basil pesto & pine nuts, malfade with beef shin & barolo wine ragu, crab & chilli ravioli with lemon butter, and ‘carbonara of dreams’ – if that doesn’t have you buzzing for a lunch break then we don’t know what will. Best of all it takes just five minutes to go from box to plate, so you can spend minimal time making the pasta and maximum time enjoying it. And it’ll keep you properly fuelled for the rest of the day, so no cupboard raiding at 3pm necessary.

Pasta Evangelists runs a flexible plan so you can arrange the deliveries around your schedule, skipping and pausing as you like, and that way you know you’ve always got a great lunch to look forward to.

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