Picking out a gift for someone can be a challenge, especially if you know that person extremely well. You may be aware of their likes and dislikes, while you also know what they already own or are planning to buy for themselves.

While presents such as women’s bags can be easy enough gifts to get for a teenager or young adult, buying a Christmas gift for your wife, fiance, girlfriend, or older female relative may be a lot harder. They likely already have a closet full of bags, shoes, clothes, and accessories.

How can you be sure the gift you buy is one that your loved one will find special? We may be able to help.

Below is our in-depth 2022 Christmas designer gift guide for women. If you are unsure about what to buy someone you care about this holiday season, trust us to steer you in the right direction.

Avoid Bundling Gifts

A mistake that many people make when they are buying Christmas gifts is they tend to bundle two or more items for someone in the same package. 

Now imagine that you spend a lot of time and money picking out a Cartier watch, Gucci handbag, or designer luggage for your loved one. You then accompany that stylish and elegant gift with something simple, such as a candle that you bought at the shopping centre for a modest sum.

While you may think that pairing up these gifts is cute and charming, your loved one may not see it the same way. Rather than solely focusing on the item that you spent so much money buying, they may start to average out those gifts, which leads to them not valuing your gift choices as much as you would expect.

Discover Items On Their Wish List

Everyone has a wish list these days. If you are close enough to this person to sneak a peek at their wish list on designer websites, or you can casually ask them about specific pieces they have been saving up to buy, you may be able to steal a march on them and buy the item as a gift.

Your loved one would appreciate such a present immensely, as they would realise that you were listening to them when they spoke about saving money to buy this item in a few months.

Imagine opening Christmas presents, and your loved one discovers that you bought them a leather jacket from Ted Baker or another similarly valuable and stylish item. If that was the same item they were eyeing for a few months, you likely made their entire holidays with your gift.

Avoid Excessively Practical Gifts

Gifting someone an item they will use each day may seem like a decent idea on the surface. If the item is relatively expensive, you may even think you are doing them a huge favour.

The problem is that when people buy gifts for others at Christmas and get ready to receive gifts, they expect items that are special, magical, and unique. A designer bracelet, handbag, or pair of shoes is exciting, but an expensive vacuum may not be as popular a gift among your loved ones.

Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If someone bought you a cooking pan for Christmas, would you be happy? Unless you are an avid cook, you would likely appreciate a more fun and exciting gift, even if the pan in question was very expensive.

Ensure Your Gift Has a Personal Touch

Every holiday gift should have a personal touch, even if you are spending a lot of money on a designer item. While your loved one will very much appreciate that you took so much time to buy them a quality item that will last a very long time, they may also want to feel that you put in something of yourself in the gift.

Perhaps you can wrap it yourself instead of asking someone at the shop to wrap up the box for you. You could even write a little card and attach it to the gift, or you could present the gift to them in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Such personal touches go a long way towards making the other person feel appreciated and loved, which is especially important during Christmas and the holiday season.