Those who live in London never go outside without this item. What’s it? Of course, it’s an umbrella. Even in the warmest summer months, you will probably be made to take a bath and shower in the streets of London once in three days. Still, I recommend you avoid locking down at home when it rains because London has a lot to offer even when the rain refuses to stop for days in a row.

As a student, I used to hire someone to do my homework on a rainy weekend and leave for one of the places mentioned below. Almost two dozen attractions are more than enough for starters, aren’t they?

Southbank Centre Book Market: Find a Worthy Book

This book market stands under the Waterloo Bridge, so it has some solid rain protection. Find a worthy exemplar or two of used books, and hide from that eternal water at a time.

Go to London’s Galleries and See Art

You can visit multiple galleries of the British capital for free. The choice is really huge, so you better pay to write essay tasks for you, and Google a place to plan your visit.

Cat Cafe Awaits!

Oh, come on! Who doesn’t love those furry balls? The Bethnal Green Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is a place to enjoy some hot tea and spend time with cute pets.

Get Impressed at the British Museum

This one definitely stands among the top popular attractions in the city. You’ll simply enjoy coming here, trust me.

Have a Movie Session

When it rains, watching a movie at a chosen unique cinema in London is a great choice. Students, I bet you should get essay help online, grab your friends or a sweetheart, and visit one of those.

Tate Modern: Contemporary Art Point

A dose of culture expects everyone at the Tate Modern. Impressive modern artworks from international creators are totally enjoyable.

Intense Shopping

London has the largest shopping centre in Europe. Go and get your retail treatment there!

Drinking and Table Tennis

The Bounce is a ping pong bar you should visit if you want to compete while being a bit drunk. I guess many academic writing websites received their orders from students the next morning after they had a cool night at Bounce. Joy guaranteed!  

Top Vegan Foods

A vegan will feel in London as if they were in heaven regardless of the place they choose. Restaurants, street food points, gallery food courts, every spot has something to offer to those who prefer 100% veggie dieting.

Crazy Golf at Swinger’s

A combo of great music, disco, golf, pizza, and cocktails is what expects every visitor at Swinger’s! Whenever I don’t know how to rest after classes, I ask a pro to write essay for me and come there.

Body Worlds Exhibition

Those trapped under heavy rain in Piccadilly Circus would be happy to visit this place. For just £24.50 per adult, you’ll get absolutely unthinkable impressions.

West End Show

If you like theatre, the West End has a lot to offer. The cheapest way to get to a play is to grab a last-minute ticket. Still, nobody will guarantee you their availability.

Cereal Killer Cafe

Do you want to feel like a child once more? Lots of coloured milk drinks and fun cereals expects you to taste them in the Cereal Killer Cafe.

Pool: True Old-School

Four American pool tables combined with a top-notch cocktail bar are in the 1920 in Clerkenwell. The Number 1 Sports Bar located in London Bridge offers many pool and billiard tables. Moreover, it becomes a nightclub when the time comes.

Try to Escape the Room

In case you’ve got two to four friends with you, the clueQuest at Kings Cross is exactly what you need on a rainy day. A group of friends will have 60 minutes to use their brains correctly and work together to escape a closed room.

Peek at the Theatre Backstage

Take a behind-the-scenes tour to know more about the theatres of London.

Get a Top Umbrella

James Smith & Sons is known to be the top umbrella seller in the city. With almost 200 years of business history, this company’s clients were such people as William Gladstone and Andrew Bonar Law, both known as prime ministers. Why shouldn’t you get one of those umbrellas for yourself?

Deal With It

Fine, you’ll get wet no matter how hard you try to hide from water. Just go to The Lee Valley White Water Centre and raft!

London Aquarium

The Sea Life London Aquarium is a perfect way to calm down if you had a bad rainy day. Just see amphibians and fish swimming, and your nerves will get back to the norm pretty soon.

Dark Sky: Visit the Observatory

The shows by the Royal Observatory’s Planetarium are perfect opportunities to know more about the Universe when the visibility outside is bad due to rain and fog.

St Paul’s Cathedral: See It from the Inside

It is a legendary and featured attribute of the city’s skyline. A rainy day is a perfect time to see St Paul’s Cathedral from the inside. Its crypt and galleries are breathing with history. You can see them and discover a lot of new facts. Catch the moment!