The Quality Chop House is celebrating a very big birthday this summer – it’s turning 150 years old. Despite some brief closures, there’s been a restaurant on the same site since 1869; back then it was a ‘progressive working-class caterer’ and now it’s one of the most beloved restaurants in town. Will Lander and Daniel Morgenthau have been running it since 2012, with Shaun Searley heading up the kitchen, and the team is celebrating the big 150 with a special birthday menu honouring some of the best dishes from past and present,

The four-course feast includes a glass of champagne to start; a set of four snacks like salmon fishcake with warm tartare sauce and duck liver parfait with truffle and beef fat brioche; peas and jellied eel with a herb salad; Highland beef with ramson sauce, those famous confit potatoes and broccoli with dripping breadcrumbs; and honey tart with ginger cream to finish. And you can get all that for £45, which is frankly a bloody STEAL. If Quality Chop House has been on your list for a while, you’ve just found the perfect reason to go.

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Until Sat 31st August 2019
88-94 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3EA