salon spy | daiva beauty house

Having just returned from three weeks in the sun it’s safe to say our skin is a little dry, a little spotty (hey that’s what layering on sun cream & sweating 24/7 does!) and in need of a little TLC. So having heard good things about Daiva’s Environ Active Vitamin Facial, we headed over to see if she could help a gal out…

Daiva Beauty House is located on the first floor of Mayfair Aesthetics and Beauty; the treatment rooms are pretty small but the facial made up for the lack of space. The facial starts with a paraffin wax hand bath whilst relaxing on a heated bed – a treat in this weather and just what our wet backside needed after a cycle in the rain. The facial uses the most active forms of Vitamin C, A and antioxidants that are driven deep into the skin by using a special machine. Don’t ask us how it works – all we know is it’s super high-tech. The facial lasts an hour and involves all kinds of masks, creams and potions that stimulate collagen, improve skin elasticity and hydration and radiance.

Whilst that might sound like a whole load of jargon (we’d be inclined to agree) the results spoke for themselves. Our skin has been clear, bright and super smooth ever since and we’re now on week two. If you’re in need of some skin repair we can fully recommend the Environ Active Vitamin Facial.

5 Dering Street, London, W1S 1AA