the secret to saving more money

Close your mind, block out that noise and take a minute to think about what really matters.  Being Londoners it’s not always easy to do this, most of us live paycheck to paycheck and stress about having no savings, but what if that all disappeared? Yes, you can now save automatically with Chip and not even feel the effects on your account. The new banking app will allow you to save for the things that matter and even help you get out your overdraft.


Banking apps, huh? Isn’t that a bit too millennial? Well, let’s think about this, behaviours have evolved, attitudes have changed…you are likely to no longer have a stash of CDs or DVDs at home, but instead you have Spotify and Netflix subscriptions, you no longer walk up to someone in a bar and ask them on date (well maybe you d0) but it’s a lot more convenient to use Tinder, so isn’t it about time you swapped your money habits for saving with Chip?

chip savings
Chip mobile view LOTI
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Chip transfer LOTI

Listen, all you have to do is plug Chip into your current account and they do the hard work for you. Every few days Chip will calculate how much you can save and will automatically take it from your account  (Ben from LOTI saved over £200 in 6 weeks without even noticing) and if you need to withdraw the money it will land back in your account the within minutes! The slick, frictionless app is minimalist, there’s not screens of info, just a few buttons to navigate through and a whole load of character and personality, you’ll be surprised how Chip actually interacts with you.

We’ve all signed up and can’t recommend it enough – your money is totally safe and it takes one less thing off your mind, no looking at what out goings you have to commit to, no dipping in and out of your savings for things you want to do, it’s all taken care of, convenience and worry free. It’s the future, if you’ve not downloaded and set this up you are mad, it costs nothing, saves you money and you’ve sweet FA to lose. Best app of 2017.