get in on the wework creator awards

Creatives listen up! WeWork are giving away more than ¢20 million to entrepreneurs, artists, start-ups, and nonprofits – anyone who lives by the manta ‘Create Your Own Lives Work’ really, as part of their Creator Awards. Whatever your industry the awards give you a chance to put your idea in the spotlight, get feedback from the world’s top venture capitalists and thought leaders, and possibly win the funding that could change your business forever. The awards are split into three categories, The Incubate; for those who are just planting the seeds with a fresh new idea and need help getting off the ground, The Launch; for businesses that have already launched but are still learning and getting to grips with things, and The Scale; an award for businesses that are already up and running, and ready to take things to the next level.

So how do you apply? Well you’ll have to do a quick pitch that includes a couple of questions on how the business works/will work, who’s involved and how the awards could make a difference to you, then you’ll have to shoot a short 90 second video that demonstrates your passion and personality (this can be done on a phone!) and FINALLY submit you’re application before the deadline which is the 24th August in London. And the good news is that you don’t have to be a WeWork member to apply, but if you do you’ll get 1-years free membership…

Whether you make it through the final selection or not, you will then be invited to the award ceremony on the 14th September and with masterclasses, workshops, local vendors, a job fair, live music, free food and an open bar, it’d be rude not to show up….