bompas & parr: kill it eat it

Bompas & Parr are known for pushing the boundaries but they might have taken things a bit too far with this one. The crazy duo have teamed up with the Mondrian London to host Kill it Eat it; a dining event that requires you to directly kill your dinner before you eat it. Taking over the kitchens of the Sea Containers restaurant, Bompas & Parr’s chef will teach you how to humanely kill the animal (as advised by the RSPCA), before having a go yourself. Their first class will focus on crabs and once you have learnt about the nerve centres – the best angles to pierce the crab to avoid suffering – you will be allowed to ‘spike’ your own. The Sea Containers team will then dress the crab for your dinner, and you can enjoy a sea cocktail and manicure while you wait! So yeah, each to their own and all, but we think this one is gonna take some serious guts…

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Sun 23rd & Sun 30th April 2017
20 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PD