Dyson LOTI

It took 4 years, 100 engineers, 1010 miles of human hair and £50 million, but 600 prototypes later the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer was born. Controlled by a microprocessor and powered by the Dyson V9 digital motor, this is no ordinary hairdryer. After investigating the ‘science of hair’ the snazzy new hairdryer claims to be six times faster than your average, using controlled air flow to keep the temperature below 150 degrees (meaning no damaged hairs) and the balance of pressure and turbulence ensures a quick dry.

What’s more all the nozzle attachments are magnetic so they won’t be falling off anytime soon, and it’s so quiet you could even hear a pin drop. Light, powerful and quiet, it’s not only a flashy bit of kit but a useful one too. Coming in at £299 it’s not cheap, but if it means no more bad hair days…