loti eats: prawn on the lawn


Highbury’s Prawn on the Lawn is not your usual fishmonger…Not only is it open from 10am selling fresh fish, from midday to midnight you can also sit down for a bite to eat at one of the stools dotted along the wall or in the basement below. It’s a great idea and considering the lack of space and an actual kitchen, owners Rick and Katie do a great job of creating some very impressive dishes.

The signature ‘prawn on the lawn’, avocado and prawns on sourdough toast, and the lightly seared tuna with chilli, coriander, spring onion soy and mirin were both simple and beautifully fresh. Whilst the crab dish on crunchy Papaya Salad was an absolute dream to eat. A warming monkfish and chorizo stew was perfect for this time of year and if you’re feeling like a bit of a roller go for the fruits de mer full of oysters, crab langoustine and everything else imaginable…we spotted Rick assembling one and it looked EPIC.

Prawn on the Lawn is a great little place and you can now book a table in the basement area, although we really liked sitting up in the shop chatting to the owners with a glass of wine and watching the dishes be prepared.

We’re big fans of Prawn on the Lawn, get down there and check it out before the secret gets out!

220 St Paul’s Road, London N1 2LY