uber libre

Tonight people you could give your friends a ‘Taste of Freedom’…BACARDÍ have teamed up with Uber to bring a little light relief into our lives. If you know of a friend or loved one who is having a nightmare at the office and needs to work late, or their plans have been ruined, or they are simply having a bad hair day or a feeling FAT day then you could nominate them for a little treat.

If you hit the BACARDÍ Cuba Libre button on the Uber app one of ten Uber cars and cocktail mixologists will then deliver them a free, freshly mixed BACARDÍ Cuba Libre right to their door. How about that…spread the love people, spread the love.

You can also get £10 free credit from your first Uber taxi ride right here.

Thur 22nd May 2014, 6pm – 10pm

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