thedistricts_groupTHE SEBRIGHT ARMS, HACKNEY
3RD APRIL 2014

Last week The Districts came over to the UK to play their very first London show. The band that were labeled as owning this years SXSW festival brought their epic blues-infused indie-rock tunes with them.

Hitting up The Sebright Arms the Pennsylvanian four-piece have obviously caused a bit of a stir as people began filling the room. We even spotted Steve Lamacq kicking about. Singer Rob Grote came out sporting some oversized bright red knitwear that he tells the crowd he purchased earlier that day in Camden and so felt obliged to wear it.

Their sound combines all sorts of influences, from Alabama Shakes, to Kings of Leon to Cold War Kids to old school rock, folk and country.  They really using the loud quite to great effect, which is captivating to watch. Chute seems to command the audience as he shakes and winces with emotion, his voice, strong and delivering powerful emotion with his soulful yodel.

You can’t help but feel this lot are at the beginning of an exciting journey. Dubbed the next ‘Kings of Leon’ sized band…at least at present they sound extremely cool, refreshing and have songs that do the talking. Leaving the venue that actually stood by the door and shook the hands of those leaving. What ruddy bloody nice guys.

Catch them at Great Escape Festival, Brighton this Thursday 8th May.